The Library of Earth Anatomy is now open…

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I am delighted to announce that the Library of Earth Anatomy is open, up and running and can be visited in the Bay Observatory at The Exploratorium now and into the geologic future…

The Library – part sculpture, part mobile geological field station, features a new contemplation based Geology collection and an accompanying card catalog, a rock handling collection, a selection of inspirational geological printed matter and a petrographic microscope for exploring the geological universe in thin section.

Rocks are records of events that took place at the time they formed. They are books. They have a different vocabulary, a different alphabet, but you learn how to read them. 

 —John McPhee

Being Stone…

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Beautiful Etre Pierre curated by Jessica Castex and Noelle Chabert is now open at Musee Zadkine in Paris…it is wonderful to be in the amazing stone company of –

Gilles Aillaud | Dove Allouche | Giovanni Anselmo | Jean Arp | Katinka Bock | Constantin Brancusi | Brassaï |Marc Couturier | Claude Cahun | Anne Deguelle | Eugène Dodeigne | Jimmie Durham | Paul- Armand Gette | Ilana Halperin | Hans Hartung | Henri Gaudier-Brzeska | Nicholas Mangan | Otobong Nkanga| Katie Paterson | Giuseppe Penone| Pablo Picasso| Pratchaya Phinthong | Marko Pogacnik | Evariste Richer | Auguste Rodin | Jean-Michel Sanejouand | Oscar Santillan | Fabien Giraud et Raphaël Siboni |Robert Smithson | Akio Suzuki | Ossip Zadkine|

On through February 11th, 2018

Etre Pierre opens at MUSÉE ZADKINE in Paris 

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The Library of Earth Anatomy opening soon at The Exploratorium 

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Conversations About Landscape: Library of Earth Anatomy

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 • 7:00 p.m. 

Fisher Bay Observatory Gallery

Free, RSVP required. Email, or call 415.528.4444 and choose option 5.

Join us for the debut of Exploratorium Artist-in-Residence Ilana Halperin’s Library of Earth Anatomy, a collection of remarkable geological artifacts that invite and inspire us to see rocks in new ways. Created for the Exploratorium’s Fisher Bay Observatory the Library employs unconventional classification methods to dissolve the usual boundaries between nature and culture, as well as between animal, vegetable, and mineral. Premised on the notion that “Earth’s geological record is like a book whose pages have been ripped apart and scattered about,” the Library reveals the unusual richness of Bay Area “geologic literature.” Its rock fragments tell many stories. A series of cards correlated to the rocks guide us in the apprehension that the solidity of rock is an illusion, and that the scale of geologic time is immense.

7:00 p.m. Reception

7:30–8:00 p.m.
Glasgow-based Artist Ilana Halperin will join Exploratorium curator Marina McDougall in conversation about the creation of the Library of Earth Anatomy.

8:00–8:30 p.m. 
Doris Sloan, author of Geology of the San Francisco Bay Region, will discuss the uniqueness of Bay Area geology with Fisher Bay Observatory Director Susan Schwartzenberg.

8:30–9:00 p.m.
Enjoy a unique rock show-and-tell.


4.543 BILLION. The matter of matter at CAPC 

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4.543 BILLION. The matter of matter
29.06.2017 -> 07.01.2018

As part of the cultural season Paysages Bordeaux 2017.

What is at stake when art and museums take on greater temporal and material awareness? How might they move beyond a spatial framework of “think globally, act locally”, to “think historically, act geologically”?


With contributions from more than 30 artists, 4.543 billion. The matter of matter is an exhibition that addresses works of art, collections and cultural histories in relation to ecological processes and a geological scale of time. It presents a continuum of materials and temporal landscapes – films, works on paper, photographs, sculptures, documents, and other meaningful things – and springs from the CAPC building’s former life as a warehouse for colonial commodities whose limestone walls were once deep in the ground and whose wooden beams were once part of a forest.

A central proposal of the exhibition is that works of art are part of geophysical history as much as art history. 4.543 billion attempts to take into account both a micro-local and a planetary perspective, and to rethink some of the histories of art as fragments of broader narratives about the Earth and how our place in it has been represented.

Curated by Latitudes
With: A.J. Aalders, Lara Almarcegui, Maria Thereza Alves, Félix Arnaudin, Amy Balkin, Alessandro Balteo-Yazbeck in collaboration with Media Farzin, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Étienne Denisse, Hubert Duprat, Giulio Ferrario, Ângela Ferreira, Anne Garde, Ambroise-Louis Garneray, Terence Gower, Rodney Graham, Ilana Halperin (also at the Université de Bordeaux’s zoology department), Marianne Heier, Christina Hemauer and Roman Keller, Lucas Ihlein and Louise Kate Anderson, Jannis Kounellis, Martín Llavaneras, Erlea Maneros Zabala, Nicholas Mangan, Fiona Marron, Alexandra Navratil, Xavier Ribas, Alfred Roll, Amie Siegel, Lucy Skaer, Alfred Smith, Rayyane Tabet, Pierre Théron, Pep Vidal, Alexander Whalley Light, Stuart Whipps (also at the Musée des Beaux-Arts) as well as documents and objects lent by the archives of the CAPC, the Archives Bordeaux Métropole, the Archives départementales de la Gironde, and the geology collection of the UFR Sciences de la Terre et de la Mer, Université de Bordeaux.



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The Rock Cycle, 2016-2017

Sandstone and brick encrusted in limestone, spoken word

Off-site intervention at the zoology collection of the University of Bordeaux (by guided visit only, please see schedule below)

Ilana Halperin’s new project for 4.543 billion deals with geological intimacy and vivacity, and the uncanny fact that something as apparently inert and certain as the stone walls of the CAPC building were once marine life from a tropical ocean of the Oligocene epoch, around 32 million-years ago. This Calcaire à Astéries (asteriated limestone) characteristic of Bordeaux takes its name from the countless tiny fossil organisms of the genus asterias (a type of sea star) that can be found in the stone alongside fossil molluscs and coral.

Halperin addresses stone, not as dead matter or a mere resource, but as a story-laden substance that both surpasses and partners in humans’ view of the world. The Rock Cycle incorporates the reading of a letter, and the hosting of a number of the artist’s geological sculptures within the displays of the zoology collection of the University of Bordeaux. These ‘curios’ originated as fragments of sea-weathered brick from the Isle of Bute in western Scotland, as well as waterjet-cut sandstone, that the artist left for three months in Fontaines Pétrifiantes in Saint-Nectaire. For generations the mineral-rich waters that percolate through the rock at this site in central France have been used to create sculptures using the same process by which stalactites form, only one hundred times faster. Objects become rapidly encrusted with new layers of stone.

To see, touch, and hear the elements of Halperin’s work that are located at the CAPC, please ask the gallery attendant in this room.

Scheduled visits to Ilana Halperin’s “The Rock Cycle” (2017) at the Salle des Collections de l’Unité de Formation de Biologie, Université de Bordeaux (Talence). Limited spaces. Booking essential. Contact Léo Correa: / T. (+33) 05 56 00 81 60. Rendez-vous at the entrance of the exhibition at CAPC musée.

October 19, 2pm.

November 16, 2pm.

December 14, 2pm.

January 4, 2pm.

Text: Latitudes

Courtesy: Latitudes.

Photo: Latitudes/RK

SUMMA at Royal Scottish Academy now open…

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An Exhibition of recent RSA Residency for Scotland Artists

20 May 2017 – 2 July 2017
RSA Lower Galleries, Royal Scottish Academy, The Mound, Edinburgh
Monday to Saturday 10am – 5pm, Sunday 12 – 5pm
Free entry

Friday 19 May 2017, 6.30-8.30pm

Uist Corrigan | Carrie Fertig | Paul Furneaux RSA | Ilana Halperin
Anneli Holmstrom | Hannah Imlach | Stuart McAdam | Rachel McBrinn
Jock Mooney | Natasha Russell | Geneva Sills | Aeneas Wilder