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Volcanic activity is never far from our minds or the world news. With her new solo exhibition Hand Held Lava at the Ernst Schering Foundation’s Project Space opening on 2nd February 2012, the Glasgow-based artist llana Halperin (b.1973, New York) looks deep into volcanic phenomena and the interplay of life cycles between humans and volcanoes.

Hand Held Lava will focus upon the artist’s long-standing engagement with volcanoes, their generation and life stories. Drawing on personal experience, Ilana Halperin makes biographical connections to volcanic phenomena and examines parallels between geological and human life cycles. The ejection of stony material, the generation of new landmass, the contrast of slow time and fast time: Halperin employs geology as a language to conceive our understanding of time and our relationship to a constantly evolving environment. The exhibition juxtaposes new artworks in poetic relation with historical and geological artefacts. An early 19th century lava medallion with its accompanying handwritten note (gifted to Alexander von Humboldt, a loan from the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin) and a series of newly commissioned works – drawings created with lava stamps able to withstand temperatures of liquid magma at 1200 degrees – reflect upon the artist’s volcanic sojourns and tell of the changeable nature of landmass, historical events and their interconnection to human experience.

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