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24th August – 7th December

The Travelling Gallery is delighted to present a one person exhibition of new work by Ilana Halperin which will launch during August 2012 in Edinburgh before heading off on a national tour until December.

Ilana Halperin will turn the Travelling Gallery into geological museum – a hall of gems and minerals – exploring geological phenomena around Scotland and within our bodies.

Already this year Ilana has featured in two solo exhibitions in Berlin – in “Hand Held Lava” at the Ernst Schering Foundation’s Project Space she embraced our fascination with volcanoes, their generation and the relationship between geological phonemena and daily life. Parallel to this exhibition, the Berlin Museum of Medical History of the Charité presented “Steine” where the artist explored a new focus – the geology of humans and animals through stones produced by the body itself. The Travelling Gallery installation combines elements from both these projects whilst relating the exhibition to the local geological landscape of areas that the Travelling Gallery will tour to on its journey, through the inclusion of geological artefacts within the exhibition. These museum based items are shown alongside Ilana’s recent and new work relating to ‘Physical Geology/Geologic Intimacy’ a project which includes sculptures formed in the mineral rich waters of the Blue Lagoon, an active geothermal spring in Iceland, works on paper of body stones and other new landmass and a new series of woodblock prints made from stencils fabricated for use in the geothermal sculpture process.


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  • gayle says:

    It looks fantastic—would never know it was the inside of a bus.
    Yaaaay Ilana!!!!!

  • Maf Smith says:

    I happened to be passing the City Gallery in Edinburgh today and chanced across the bus. Was really glad I came in and looked at some wonderful art, bustling with ideas, and using ideas about geology as a great point of leaping off. Thanks!

  • Jacqui Dodds says:

    I would love to see this exhibition – are there any plans to tour with it in England?

    • Hi Jacqui,

      Unfortunately, it was a tour only throughout Scotland, but a new related project entitled The Library will open in the spring at National Museums Scotland if you happen to be north of the border…or a bit further down the line another geologically inspired project in the Music Hall – also known as the new Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery in late autumn. I will add new posts as these projects progress and thanks so much for your feedback on We Form Geology…

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